Yes, They Make Male Sex Dolls – And They’re Really Popular

Before, sex dolls pertained to the male gaze only. But the market for female sexual desire gaining traction is a manifestation for many sex toy companies to level up their game and get female customers. Pornography used to be for men, but it also changed, giving categories for women to satisfy themselves. Then vibrators game, which works to provide women an instrument to use for masturbating.

And now we have male sex toys. Same with the price and everything else with female sex toys, just that the genitals changed. Instead of thinking about the boobs, vagina, and mouth, women think about the penis, body build, and height in male sex toys.

Also, something about male sex toys and being more grounded to reality sparks interest in women. Compared to female sex toys, many men have lean bodies and big penises. It is not so hard to see what women like in a man in the real world.

It is a full man body.

Of course, many women consider the fact that male sex toys showcase a full body of a man, which they can see naked whenever they want to, and play with it to satisfy themselves. While vibrators and things that can give vaginal pleasure exists, male sex toys give them, too. But it shows a man’s body and face doing it to you. That is considered heaven for women.

The phallus.

The phallus or penis is an important consideration when it comes to choosing the right male sex doll. Many women like it bigger than the average size, but some prefer their phallus to be easier to handle during play. But if you have no clue how it goes, you can bring your vibrator that estimates the perfect phallus size for you.

There are also many types of penises. You can get one that is veiny, or one that is smooth. You can top it off with a thicker penis, regardless of the size, or a longer one but thinner. The thing is, you can freely customize the perfect penis for you. Connect your enjoyment to it and make sure you will sue your male sex doll to the fullest.

The positions.

In buying male sex toys, many women prefer their doll to be flexible, meaning it can stand regardless of whether the person holds it or not. But most of the time, they only get one type.