Fertility Treatment in Ukraine.

IVF/ ICSI, Egg Donation, Surrogacy abroad

Fertility Treatment in Ukraine.

Top-quality fertility treatment in Ukraine is an opportunity for you to get the same or better quality service and results as available in your home country, at a much more affordable price. It's no wonder Ukraine has become a hot spot for fertility treatment abroad.

Do people from technologically advanced countries really travel abroad for medical help? Why would they do that? Let's look at some statistics. According to the National Institute of Health, Americans are traveling overseas for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatments in record numbers.

The health tourism industry is likely to grow to upwards of $41 billion this year, with more than 6 million Americans looking for medical assistance and IVF treatment overseas.

Due to the well-disposed reproductive laws with no considerable legal restrictions on anonymous egg donation and surrogacy, Ukraine has become one of the most popular destinations for infertility treatment.

Best Fertility Treatment Center in Ukraine.

Let me introduce you fertility clinic Nadiya, led by Dr. Valeriy Zukin, Vice-President of Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine.

In Ukrainian, "Nadiya" means "Hope". Situated in the center of Kiev, the clinic offers services with an outstanding team of specialists, high standards, affordable IVF treatments . , ranging from IUI to IVF with ICSI /IMSI, PGD with Gender Selection and advanced reproductive endoscopic surgeries.

The Clinic's internationally recognized team of embryologists, biologists, and andrologists has specialized in ART (Assisted Reproduction Technique) for many years. The important advantages of Nadiya clinic are low prices combined with high standards of medical treatment. Thanks to its modern medical equipment, the advanced technologies, and highly qualified specialists, the fertility clinic of Nadiya has an excellent world level clinical pregnancy rate, and 1500 babies born to date.

Nadiya provides individualized care in infertility for over 2,000 Ukrainian and international couples each year. The clinic carried out over 1,200 cycles in 2009. The independent research of satisfaction with the medical services of the Nadiya clinic shows that more than 96% of Nadiya's patients recommend it to their friends.

Leaving the numbers behind, what about the "real" results? Here are our real results. It is not just a slide show of cute babies. Each and everyone is special. Each one of them has his or her own remarkable story. All the stories are different, but all of them have something in common. All of them came to this world thanks to the work Nadiya's specialists.

Fertility Treatment in Ukraine. Travel to Ukraine is easy, accommodation abounds, the climate is mild, the people are relaxed, and the food and drink are easy to come by and full of national variety. Ukraine is a great place for getting infertility treatments abroad and seems to have the approval of the thousands who travel here each year for just those reasons.

If you have hope and are looking for help, contact our specialists from fertility clinic "Nadiya". They are high class specialists in fertility treatment and are capable to create miracle making your dream come true.

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