The City of Odessa Map.

A good Odessa map it is exactly what you need to feel comfortable in this one-of-a-kind Ukrainian city. Why do we say that "one-of-a-kind"? The reason is that Odessa has its own secrets to attract people and make them fall in love with this city forever.

Odessa has different secret key for everyone. Very many of those who visit the city are attracted by the Black Sea, mild climate, bright sun and blue sky.

Some one keeps memories and attachments to people whom they used to meet there. Other people have excitement and admiration to unrepeatable and charming personality of Odessities.

Once you arrive Odessa, you can buy a good paper folding Odessa map at any corner in the city. They are the most demonstrative and convenient in use. But to give you some rough idea about real map of Odessa, I have included a few of them on this website. Do your homework, understand the way Odessa is laid out. It can help you to save time on planning your trip.

Let's start our journey. Odessa is a southern, bright city located as a wide green strip along the 70 km of the Black Sea bay. Its area is 140 and is shaped as amphitheater.

Odessa are is one of the best Ukrainian resorts. It is famous for its warm climate, stable and long lasting summer, effective healing mud and mineral springs, intricate architecture, and extremely friendly people - all those things which made this place a worldwide known CITY of ODESSA.

Odessa is the forth largest city in Ukraine. According to the All-Ukrainian Census conducted in 2004, its population is 1,012,500. During the summer period it becomes 2-5 times greater. Average annual temperature is +10 deg.C.

Odessa, Ukraine Maps.

These Odessa maps are the best I could find on-line. But I still think that a folding paper map is much better. Let's check my finds for now.

This map of Odessa (in Russian) from Lib.Utexas.Edu gives you an idea about the way city is located along the coast line. (A new window opens. Don't forget to zoom it!)

The Odessa street map from Travel2Ukraine (in English) presents a central part of the city and also can be zoomed in a new window.

A map of Odessa's tram lines (in Ukrainian) shows you a layout of the city's public tram lines.

The last map from (in Russian) I consider the best one. It has even reconciled me with on-line maps. :) It is a multi functional FREE software (4.45 Mb) , which has a map and a data base of Odessa's companies. It has friendly interface and a lot of possible functions. The program can be downloaded both .exe and .zip extension. It allows you:

  • To find company on the map using any related to it data: name, address or phone number. After search its location appears on the map.
  • On the map you can find location of any building in the city, measure distances, choose kind of public transportation.
  • To print chosen part of the map

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