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Ukraine videos presented on this page is my attempt to give you a little feel of the great country which we call our home. There is a good saying: "It is better to see for yourself, instead of listening to someone else's story".

Without any doubts, not even a great video is able to substitute for a real life experience. What you can watch are expressions of people's faces, their smiles, and try to understand what they feel. There is a lot of information to make your own judgment about life in Ukraine.

What kind of videos can you watch here? Ukraine is a big country, it has a long and glorious history, bright and rich culture and traditions, with many unique regions. . I have chose four videos which will give you a glimpse of four areas amongst the most visited by tourists in Ukraine. Here they are:

Be sure to visit the pages dedicated to each region for even more videos on these areas. Check the bottom of this page for new videos.

Our first Ukraine video courtesy of YouTube will bring you to the Independence Square - the main square of Kiev. It always has plenty of activity with crowds of people, street vendors, and artists as well as a lot of children and fountains. Let's watch.

Now we are on our way to west Ukraine and its major city Lviv. The regions Carpathian Mountains are very pictorial. Their unspoiled virgin nature is great for hiking, skiing, rafting, and rock climbing. An ancient city, Lviv can be considered a museum under an open sky. Lviv also presents a good opportunity to listen to good Ukrainian language. Watch the video to listen yourself.

The next video invites you to visit the southern part of Ukraine, with the Black Sea and Crimea. Incredible scenery, Yalta embarkment, and Livadia Palace, where the Yalta Conference took place in 1944. Bakhchisaray is a wonderful Tatar town with numerous cave monasteries around it. Happy journey!

The last among our Ukraine videos invites you to visit one of a kind city, the Black Sea harbor of Odessa. Odessa is our "Humor Capital". Nowhere else in Ukraine you will find that special spirit, inconsumable sense of humor, an incredible mix of cultures, and languages like in Odessa. Here is one of the performances which you can often watch in the city streets. This gypsy trio was performing outside a cafe near the famous Potempkin steps in Odessa.

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