Yalta Map.

Yalta and vicinity.

When we talk about Yalta map, one should distinguish "Great Yalta" and the city of Yalta itself. Let's look at the Crimea's map from KrymSarovInfo first (new window opens). It will give you a general idea about Yalta's area. More than two-thirds of the Crimean peninsula is covered with steppes. Three ridges of the Crimean Mountains rise up to 1,500 m and protect the 2 mile (3 km) strip of the Crimean peninsula located along the south coast of the Black Sea from the strong steppe winds.

Mountain protection has created a fairy tale-like subtropical blossoming gardens, beautiful beaches, numerous vineyards. This paradise is the exact place where the city of Yalta (population 81,000 - 2005) can be found.

The "Great Yalta" area is a seventy mile long coastal area which starts from Gurzuf in the east and ends at Foros in the west. It includes 23 resort towns and 9 small villages. For people who know and love Crimea, each of those 32 names sounds like a song: Yalta, Alupka, Gaspra, Gurzuf, Koreiz, Livadiya, Massandra, Nikita, Simeiz, Foros.

Yalta doesn't have either airport or a railroad station. I don't think we should regret about it. It has convenient location and a well developed system of the bus and trolleybus transportation.

Yalta's embarkment

The Simferopol airport page will give you a clear idea about distances between Crimean cities. The Crimean Peninsula is not that big to be spoiled by the railroad along the coast line.

From the time immemorial Yalta's climate is famous for its healing properties. It is considered the best place for people who have respiratory problems.

Livadia Palace.

The Livadia Palace located in the vicinity of Yalta is the former vacation home of the Romanov's royal family. Yes, it is the same famous building where the "Big Three" - Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill held the meeting in 1945 and made the history of Europe.

There are so many things "to do" and "to see" in Yalta, that you will never have enough time while you are there. Let's try to plan your visit a little bit. Here is one more Yalta map from KrymSarovInfo (new window opens).
It has many more details and some places of interest are marked. It will be much more convenient for you, if you have an updated folding paper Yalta map. Once you arrive in Yalta, you can buy one at any newspaper booth in the street. Meanwhile here are my suggestions for planning your Yalta trip.

10 places which have to be marked 
on Yalta map.

1.First of all, visit Yalta's embarkment. Embarkment is a heart of any Black Sea resort city. In Yalta it is special: artists, singers, musicians, all kinds of restaurants, cafes, and night clubs. But the best part is the Black Sea and an astonishing view of Yalta climbing up the hills to the mountains.

2.Take a cable-way ride to the Mount Ai Petry (1234 m above the sea level) - the second highest in Crimea. From its top you can see the most part of the Crimean southern coast. This is a place where one starts to realize the meaning of the expression "All world is yours!"

3.Visit Nikitsky Botanical Garden. This way you will manage to see many countries at the same time. A 190 year old garden offers over 25,000 species of trees, bushes, tropical plants, garden roses, and cactuses from all over the world.

The Fairy Tale Glade 

4.Take a boat ride to the Swallow's Nest. It is a small castle located on the top of the rock. The most interesting about this building is its location.

5.Take a trolleybus #2 to the stop "Verhnyaya Massandra" and visit The Massandra Palace - one of the most interesting architectural building in southern Crimea. The Palace is surrounded with a huge beautiful park.

6.Visit the Uchan-Su waterfall, the highest one (100 m) in the Crimea. The best time to visit is late autumn or early spring when the water level is high.

7. Be sure to visit Livadia Palace - the former residence of Russian Tsar Nicolay II and the place, where a significant historical event The Crimean ( Yalta ) Conference was held in February 1945.

8.You shouldn't miss the Vorontsov's Palace, located in Alupka. No wonder movie makers love this IXX century Crimean Palace so much. Its architecture and interior decor is a whimsical combination of different styles. An English Tudor style south frontage turns into the real moresque palace right around the corner. All rooms are connected by the underground passages. Old English style, Byzantine, and Chinese wonders - everything is mixed up together.

9.One more important place you should mark on your Yalta map. The White Dacha, Anton Chekhov House Museum is located at 112, Kirova street. "Three Sisters", "The Cherry Orchard", "The Lady with the Little Dog" were written there. Don't forget to take you hat off there. He was a genius.

10. Please find and mark the Fairy Tale Glade on your Yalta map.Take a bus # 26, 27 or 28 from the bus station to the bus stop "Poliana Skazok". You just have to see it if you enjoy wooden carvings and remember your childhood.

At the end of the day when the sun goes down, take a bottle of the famous Crimean wine and just relax by the sea. Massandra Winery and the Magarach Wine Institute located in Yalta produce excellent wines famous for their high quality all over the world.

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